Asia Pacific Data Centers Market at a glance

Data centers market growth over the last few years has been considerable, with total Data Centers real estate capacity growing in the four key countries in Asia Pacific but not only. The core Tier 1 markets for data centers in Asia Pacific are Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, Sydney (Australia) and Hong Kong SAR.

India has a strong potential to become a data center (DC) hub in the Asia Pacific region and in the world because of its fast-growing economy and ... Read more

A CBRE research team has looked into several factors including network infrastructure, Internet and e-commerce penetration, business environment, risk of natural disasters, construction cost, government policies and accessibility.

Digital transformation is generating demand for data center capacity beyond traditional Tier 1 data center markets. Demand in emerging markets such as mainland China, India and Indonesia continues to gain momentum. Other large emerging markets in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam and Thailand, are coming into view as high potential markets with burgeoning local needs.

Companies are investing in data center infrastructure management because of the technology boom and big data. New trends are beginning to emerge in the commercial real estate sector given high data storage demand, fast speeds and power requirement.

These ViewPoints by CBRE Research explains why data centers are emerging as attractive real estate investments and can help to understand the implications of data center real estate investment and how transactions in the sector are set to pick up in the coming years.

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New data center supply grows at rapid pace

India - Data Centers, the Next 'Charged Up' Wave

India, one of the world’s fastest growing major economies, is witnessing a rapid growth in internet penetration and telecommunication.

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