Portfolio growth: enhancing business agility

  • 45% of respondents plan to increase their corporate real estate portfolios in Asia Pacific in the next two years
  • China and India are the first and second priorities for portfolio expansion. Singapore, which continues to serve as a hub for Southeast Asia, is third
  • Flexible office solutions are increasingly popular. The corporate model is best defined as “Workplace as a Service”


The workplace evolution accelerates

  • 78% will adopt Activity-based Working (ABW) within the next two years.
  • There is a greater need to promote innovation and creativity in the workplace, and less focus on meeting cost objectives
  • There will be more emphasis on using technology to understand space utilization
  • There will be more wellness elements and focused space in the workplace


A new era of technology: putting people first

  • 78% of respondents plan to increase their investment in workplace technology
  • Priorities for occupiers: apps for meeting rooms and desk booking (64%); connected sensors (43%); and predictive analysis (30%)
  • Biometric authentication (15%) and air purification technology (28%) are the key features occupiers expect landlords to provide
  • Using predictive analytics can provide a mechanism enabling occupiers to identify critical workplace needs and drive effective decisions